Does Investing In Stocks Make Sense?

You might have heard about some huge stock exchanges like: Japan stock market, New York stock exchange, Australian stock market and so on. You might have also heard about people making money in no time and also getting paupers overnight. If you are really interested in investing in stocks, then you need to know some basic things first. The stock market game is really tedious to understand at times. When we really want to make our money double, the best option can be investing in stocks. It is true that it has huge risk but if played wisely, we can make huge profits. For this, you need to understand the strategies and learn stock market deeply. You must be able to predict the stock’s future performance by just seeing its history of records.

learn stock market

Learn stock market basics

Millions of people out there wish to get into the world of stock market. There are many stories telling that people making millions in a day. There are people who think of making extra money for fulfilling their necessities. It can be for a holiday, building or buying a new house, retirement, education etc. Whatever be the reason, people desire to learn stock market. The intention of this specific article is to assist you in learning some basic things about stock market trade. Never think that you will be rich quick or stock market can make you millions overnight. No, it will not. In fact this kind of attitude has lead to downfall of numerous potential investors. The trading itself has learning curve.  The first and foremost thing is, spend every single spare minute in studying, listening, researching, reading or watching something related to stock market that is for beginners. If you aren’t really prepared for it, then it literally isn’t for you. It will really take plenty of time and thus you study frequently. Just ensure that, information you read is all about assisting the stock market beginner. If you are a beginner, then investing in stocks can be really difficult in the starting. You will be confused as to when to pick one and when to leave one. For this, you will have to investigate about many things about the company. Investigate the company’s performances, past records or history, person running the company etc. Experts in this field will know as to when to hold and then take some profit out of it. They will know when a company might go into loss and thus they will back off. The problem with many newbie is that they don’t know when to stop investing and when to begin trading. This ends up in a disaster and they lose everything they have.

Investing in stocks

Selecting some of those good stocks will need an investor to at first consider their long or short term goals. Analysts will have many practices and theories for making some decisions in order to know if a particular stock can be bought or put for hold or should be sold. While each broker and analyst takes a unusual position, each looks out for same financial data and information. While investing in stocks, you will have to know about certain things which are as follows.

  • Earnings: You must look out for the company’s earnings. Preferably, the number must be 10% higher when compared to last year. Earnings are the best indicator which ultimately shows that a company is growing well.
  • Sales: This must increase every single year. If this fails to increase, then you might be looking out at a company which is on downward swing.
  • Debt: Companies on strong financial base must actively pay down their debts. If the earnings as well as sales are high, then the debt has to be down.

How To Buy Good Stocks?

People who are into stock market business, always hunt for the best shares to buy so that they can make a high yield. They regularly do a stock market watch in order to find some good stocks. Through this article you will get to know some essential information about virtual trading and tips for getting good stocks.

Good stocks to buy

The basic rule of any investment plan is that, you shouldn’t drop all your cash in it. Always keep some money aside for those bad times. When it comes to stock market, you can’t expect 100% profit all the time. Secondly, you shouldn’t invest on a company just because your neighbor or friend has invested in it. This is the biggest mistake people do. Have your own strategies set and follow them properly. If you invest just because others are doing then you might end up losing all your cash.

You can do some research on internet about the best performing stocks in the market. But search engines will display you with millions of results. Each website will say a different thing and this is where a question arises as to who is really right?  If it is so damn easy to find the good stocks, just by clicking a button, then all people might have got rich by now. There are certain basic rules that every one need to follow in order to acquire huge profits from stock. Always buy stocks from the companies which are well established and credit worthy. Reputed companies will pay you good dividend. Though they might be trading at a very low price right now they will have a great value in the future. This kind of investing is popularly known as “value investing”.

What is virtual trading?

You might be wondering as to what a virtual trading is? Any person, who really wants to earn good money with stock exchange, will basically have 2 options which are as follows:

  • Hire a good stock broker who can advise about how and where to invest money.
  • Do some research on your own and then select as to where should you invest your hard earned money so that it can lead you to high future profits.

The act of playing games with some real data in the stock market is called as virtual trading.You will obtain the virtual money as you open up a virtual account for trading. There will be virtual profits as well as virtual loss too. Any individual who is very serious regarding investing but not willing to lose his or her money, then this virtual trading account can be the best options to go with. You will learn  lot of things through virtual trading. You will get to know about the various ways for investing wisely and then making huge profits from it. You will learn by practically getting involved and also experiencing things which can happen to you. You will lose nothing as there isn’t any real money involved. You will gain knowledge and experience.

stock market watch

This type of trading is the ultimate technique which is taken by many investors for maximizing their profits. There will not be any stress and fears. It gives you many chances for trying new things which you might want to.

Pink Sheet Stock Options Trading

When it comes to investing in shares the stock market prices keeps fluctuating with respect to time. If you have decided to invest in shares, then you need to have a look at the lowest traded individual stock yesterday so that you can be aware not to drop your cash in it. .

Pink sheet stocks

You might be probably wondering as to what are pink sheet stocks. Well, these are penny stocks and often preferred by investors interested in making short term investments. The pink sheet stocks are used for describing stocks that are traded in OTC (Over the Counter). This is the stock trading platform which lists or gives information on over 10000 different penny stocks. These kinds of stocks will be traded electronically and are popularly known as pink sheet stocks since during the times of paper-trading, it was printed on characteristically pink paper. OTC Market group, an independent and separate entity from OTCBB – Over the Counter Bulletin Board is a platform for trading penny stock. The main difference between the normal stocks and OTCBB stocks is that, normal stocks will not have the need for meeting minimum requirements that is set by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). These kinds of stocks don’t have the requirement to possess any sort of least market capitalization for training on OTC Market Group.

A pink sheet stock carries huge risk when it comes to investor fraud and price manipulation. Some of the sheet stocks is established and are reputed foreign companies. Investors who are looking for capitalizing at pink sheet stocks or penny stocks have to be very careful as to from where and whom are they research and tips. Most of the key finance websites like Google Finance, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance have only limited details about these kinds of stocks. The perfect place to start your research about the companies can be none other than the website of “OTC Market Group”.  This website will assist you in providing some basic information about the company, press release, short sales, disclosures, news, filings, published financials etc. Thus an investor has to pay very close notice to all the company information as well as the disclosure statements. If a company files something with SEC, then you can easily view and read the reports through online. Apart from giving the necessary share structure data, this website will also list the company’s contact information. This is the most essential information because there are times when you might want to contact the company for some reason or the other.

Stock options trading

Stock options trading are taken as the ideal strategies which are financially rewarding. However, sometimes it becomes an unhelpful investment plan. Stock option can be ‘right’ in purchasing a particular stock at the specified price for the specified time. Stock options trading is performed on the basis of few factors, like associated stock’s name, expiration date, premium payment, broker’s commission and strike price. This type of trading involves some standardized options that are scheduled by the options exchanges. In United States, presently there are 6 exchanges wherein the trading of stock options begins. It also includes 4 open outcry market places with 2 electronic marketplaces as well. These open outcry market places are as follows:

  • PHLX – Philadelphia Stock Exchange
  • AMEX – American Stock Exchange, New York
  • PCX – Pacific Exchange, San Francisco
  • CBOE – Chicago Board Options Exchange

The 2 electronic market places:

  • ISE – International Securities Exchange
  • Box – Boston Options Exchange

How Does The Stock Market Software Help In Buying Stocks?

One you get to know how to buy penny stocks, there is no doubt that you will want to invest more. The work of selling and buying stocks will keep running as long as you are interested but at times you might get hectic with it. Those are the times when good stock market software can ultimately help you in trading. There are many benefits of using stock market software and are as follows.

How does the stock market software assist you in buying stocks?

  • The main advantage of using the stock market software is that, it will save all your precious time and money. You will not have the need to spend many hours in scrolling over the various online websites. Stock market software can automatically import the entire data which in turn will give you sell and buy signals practically in real time environment so that trading becomes very easy.
  • The second advantage is, it helps in removing those emotional elements from trading. The main reason as to why some traders are unsuccessful is that, they allow emotions to step in their way in decision making. As human beings, emotions are tough obstruction for overcoming on own. Since the stock marketing software will not have any sort of emotions, it just tells you the truth that is happening around the market.
  • To calculate everything about the stock market, no doubt that you require some mathematical formulae. With the help of a software, you don’t have to remember anything as all the work associated with stock market analysis will be easily done by this software within few seconds.
  • The most important advantage is that, you can easily find some trades which you might have never had an access to. In this fresh global economy with full of competitions, the opportunities will just come and then go in no time. Hence you need to have some correct information at the correct time. The most important thing, you need to have some guts to act.
  • Good stock software will depend upon some profitable and proven trading system which has the history of delivering real results. The software must be able to tell you as to exactly how much shares you need to sell or buy and should also give information practically through SMS or an email.
  • The software has to be backed up by some professional programmers and traders who have plenty of experience in this field for long period of time.
  • With the good stock software you will be giving yourself with a good chance in making consistent income out of your trading. There is sufficient money in the world for every person to literally become a millionaire, but only few will be brave and willing to make a safe corner for themselves. The reason is that they aren’t lucky, but they have an ideal formulae which is been proved to be successful.  The simple step in becoming successful is by emulating successful people.
  • The commonly used strategy for trading by huge hedge funds and making million dollars every single day from a market is called pair trading. This has decreased portfolio risks and also produces a consistent profit even if the market conditions aren’t good.

Thus the above are the various ways which tells you as to how your stock market software can help you in lessening up the work burden.

What Are Penny Stocks And How To Buy Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are something which many people opt today. There are even people who subscribe for a trusted penny stock newsletter through which they can know about some honest things about the market trends. Let us look at a detailed overview about the penny stocks.

What are penny stocks?

You might have heard of stocks and shares but the one question which keeps running in an investor mind who is probably a beginner is what are penny stocks. A penny stock is nothing but financial securities which are traded out of the main exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX etc. They can also be commodities that have some shares worth below 3 to 5 bucks and this depends on the person you converse to. Penny stocks can be the consideration of Wild-West with relation to selling and buying shares of organizations.

How to buy penny stocks?

If you are a beginner readily trying to invest in penny shares, then the one literal question that comes across you always is that how to buy penny stocks? Basically there are 2 ways as to how to buy penny stocks. These 2 methods are:

  • Through online
  • Through brokerages

Using the help of Stock Brokers

Most of the stock buyers will depend on stock brokers or agents for buying penny stocks. They will just tell them as to how much quantity of stocks they literally want and the company which they want it from. Apart from the company, they will also tell about ticker symbol and. There are few agents who will not need any commissions. They will make some cash based on difference between asking price and the bid. This kind of difference is basically known as “spread”. The more is the spread, the higher will be the money. This amount of money will be from both sides: agent as well as the buyer. The main thing is that, you will have to select a good broker for carrying out all your stock work and also help in making you with good profits.

There are few brokers who will always have the desire to just get rid from a stock without even caring for a buyer. So you should consider a trusted broker with reasonable commission fees. One of the most important factors to know is, as to how much will one need for opening up an account. Some of the brokers might also ask you to pay for the dormant accounts.

Getting Penny Stocks online

The benefit of trading penny stocks through online is that, all your work will be carried out easily and that too without stepping out of your comfort zone. It has a quick access as well as response when you decide to either sell or buy. So a buyer can easily make profits without even taking help from an agent.

To trade through online, you will have to sign-up and then open up the trading account. This account will have to be then funded from the back of an account holder. As the account gets the money, the buyer can then go online and look out for some good penny stocks so that it can be bought.

Penny stocks for dummies

If you are a beginner, then it is really important that you study about the concepts of this market in order to play like a pro. There are even some books and articles in websites which are literally associated with penny stocks for dummies. Reading then can help you to know how this market functions and the various strategies applied.


What Are The Basic Day Trading Rules That Every One Should Know?

Stock picking has to be done very smartly so that you can make huge profits and can avoid hefty losses. If you are a newbie in this field, then you might be wondering as to how stock work. Let us look in detail about 3 different things through this article which are: day trading rules, cheap stocks and how stocks work.

How stocks work?

This is the one question which every new beginner gets curious to know about. Well, only if one knows how stocks work, the other things will be done easily. The answer for this particular question is quite simple. Companies will go public for offering some shares of theirs in order to collect some funds. This fund will then be used by the company for making profits. The public or interested people will buy shares or stocks through stock exchanges. Investors can use stock exchanges for buying and selling the company stocks. Buying for a low price and then selling for a high price can literally make many people rich. But you really need to know as to what kind of things you’re really doing and what are the various factors involved. To have a deep understanding as to how a stock market exactly works you need to have some basic knowledge about common terms.

1. Stock Prices: As the name itself suggests, it is the price of a stock for which it is sold. These particular prices are set by with the help of different market factors that includes:

  • Economy health
  • Current trends in trade
  • Technical reports
  • Financial reports

2. Market Capitalization: It is an actual value of a stock or company which is for sale. One can easily calculate the market capitalization with the help of following formula:

Market Capitalization = Number of Shares X Price of a Stock

Once you learn the fundamental premises of stock exchange, you can move forward in knowing about the tactics behind selling and buying the shares wisely.

Day trading rules

If you really want to begin with the day trading, you should know about the day trading rules clearly. You really have to become well-known with rules prior starting something. Basically these day trading rules involves some practice of trading in shares, equity indexes, commodity futures, stocks etc. The participation of variety of features like that of electronic trading and margin trading has formed opportunities for many individuals. A person who takes part in this kind of trading is generally called as the day traders. These kinds of traders are typically well educated and well funded. They make use of high leverage along with some trading strategies of short term in order to capitalize the low price movements in a highly liquid stock.

There are few day traders literally buying stocks and then holding them for little hours. Finally, they sell them off as the prices go high. These phases will happen in a day. These kinds of people who trade are usually called as “pattern-day trader”. These people are typically entrenched in this sector and also have a deep knowledge regarding the marketplace. These pattern-day traders will follow many rules that are set by SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission. These traders should have margin account for doing such trade. This account needs a basic or minimum deposit of $25,000.

3 Tips for buying cheap stocks with profit

  • Be careful of those spammers happening around online. Pick those websites which guarantees of 100% earnings in order to make massive profits. Avoid falling in traps.
  • Invest your cash in those stocks which trades more than 100,000 stocks in a day.
  • Avoid yourself in dropping money in numerous penny stocks which are belongs to the same field.

Top 3 Best Online Stock Trading Platforms

If you want to choose one of the best online stock trading platform to buy shares online it is advisable to go for the platforms that are reputable and popular.  It doesn’t a matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, you should always seem really careful in choosing the platform to trade your stocks. Stay away from the platforms which are heard by nobody. As we all know already we have many complexities in trading stocks, so you don’t need to make it complex any further.  In order to find out the best online stock trading platform you need to prepare a list which comprises of all the necessary features you will be needing as a trader.  Some important things which should be in your list includes trading costs,  facility to trade mobile, any initial deposits required and the many. Some of best online stock trading Platforms and their services  are listed below:


  • It is been one of the most popular investing platform which serves in the stock market domain for many years. It is believed as the best option by most of the stock market investors. In order to open up an account in this platform you will be required to pay the initial deposit amount of $500. With this Scottrade stock market account, you don’t need to pay the fee for maintenance and opening purposes. It provides an easy option to transfer the amount from 1 account to other.  To buy shares online it just requires $7. It is applicable for the stocks which are priced $1 or the above. Total amount you are maintaining in your stock trading account is not a concern here. Stock Trade options are available for just seven dollar + $1.25 /contract. You can trade stocks whenever you like to without worrying about any hidden charges.  If you have an internet connection you can easily watch out your investment account. You can even trade from your mobile devices.  With the tools that are given with your account you can easily do a research on the internet and get a quick stock market quotes .You can also get a minute to minute update on your investments.


This Erade has been playing around the stock market as a key player for more than 20 years.  Creating an account with Etrade will not take more than 10 minutes. Further you can buy shares online for free of cost for 60 days. Remarkable thing about the Etrade is, it provides a great customer service all round the clock. It’s the main reason for why it’s been one of the best online stock trading platform for years. For option and stock trade you won’t be charged any higher than $9.99. In this platform you are offered with more than 8000 mutual funds & diversified bonds to start with your investment. In order to assist in the better trading, many innovative investing tools are made available. You can also get free independent tools and resources to learn about various investing options. Various options include Stocks Trading, options Trading, Forex and futures Trading. To state it simply, it is an one stop shop that helps you trade anything you want. Facilities to learn the stock market terms is enabled through many innovative tools.

TD Ameritrade

It collects only a very low commission for every trade you make with them regardless of your trading account balances. It also offers 0 maintenance fee for the trading account.  Apart from providing the free trade for up to 2 months, they allow you to keep up to  $600 on the free trading days. Even as a beginner you can find it easy to use the online tools provided by this TD Ameritrade.

How To Win The Stock Market Game & Buy Shares Online?

Now a days we have so many ways to make some extra money. You can consider investing your money in the properties like real estate, stock investments, part time jobs etc.You can even open up a small business to do it in your extra time. Out of all these options investing in stocks is a clever option.Reason is almost all traditional businesses requires a sound investment in the upfront. If you want to make money with the very little investment, our strong recommendation is just learn ” how to invest in stock market”and start investing today.

Learning how to buy shares online is not a big deal. Sign up with one of the best stock trading website. You can use it as a full service or discount stock Trading broker. If you are not clear about what are discount stock brokers and what are full service stock brokers we suggest you to extend the reading to the post online stock broker. For convenience we have given short descriptions here.

Discount stock brokers

These are websites which allows you to order the stocks you are interested in. These websites will not have any advisers on their side to guide you on the stock trading. They used to charge very less when compare to the full service brokerage websites. Discount Brokers will not guide you in learning “how to invest in stock market” like full service brokers.

Full service online Brokerage websites

When you sign up with the full service brokerages you need to pay  more but you can have an access to their various advanced tools and they will also provide you all the required advices from their side. This is the reason why they are charging more than the discount brokers. These stock market advices are not available at free of cost.

These experts will take full control of your investment portfolio and will guide you when and where to buy the stocks. They will also inform you the right time to sell out your stocks to make more benefit. Acquiring the services from full service brokerage is really a good choice for those who don’t have time to follow the stocks on a  regular basis. Such persons can leave their investment portfolio completely to the hands of these professionals. You can easily master the stock market game with the help of these stock market brokers.

Your full service broker will guide you on how to invest in stock market. Next step in investing stock is” to sign up with the online brokerages”. You need to sign up with the stock trading account which should be linked with your primary bank account. So that you can buy shares electronically. Normally opening this trading account will take lot of time but after that you will find really ease to transfer the amount from and to your brokerage accounts.

How to choose the online brokerages?

Before you sign up with any online brokerages, you need to compare various online brokerages. Read the forum and review their rating. So that you can save yourself from getting the pathetic services. One other  stock investing method which becomes more popular is ” Enrolling with the systematic stock investment plan”. This investment plan actually averages the investing money and creates you more profit.

7 Best Technology Stocks To Buy Now

Technology stocks are the one which are ruling the market over the past few months and decades.Ever increasing usage, sales of smart phones and tablet PCs have created a very demanding market for the technology sector. If you see the last year statistics regarding the phone purchase, nearly 90% of sales were made on smart phones.

Due to the reason smart phones and tablets are peaking the sales every year, experts at the stock market believes those who choose the technology stocks are the one who are about to make a big success in the near future through stock investments.

For many newbie’s who are in the stage of learning how to buy stocks online following list will be a very useful one.

Given below is a list of 7 best stocks to buy now.  These stocks will also fit with your budget and ensures the investors to have one more winning second quarter. Have look at the following 7 best shares to buy now.

Broadcom Corp.

This is the recommended best stocks to buy now. Along with the total sales of 32% from the tech industry giants like Apple Inc and Samsung, its second quarter earnings are expected to cross the boundaries. Stock Price target for this Broadcom Corp stock is around $45.

Maxim Integrated Products

It is one of the second most preferred best stocks to buy now in 2013.  “Maxim integrated products” are the manufactures of the wireless chip. It have a very strong and reliable management team.  Stock price tag for the stock of this Maxim integrated products is nearly $38 and the consensus is around  $35.

Linear Technology Corp

It is one of the leading semi conductor stock which also provides a high profit to the shareholders with the dividend 2.90%. Stock price of Linear Technology Corp is estimated as $43. According to wall street consensus, its stock price is lowered to $37.

Microsemi Corp

Next one in our list of best shares to buy is Microsemi Corp. It is also one of the leading semiconductor Manufacture. It have worldwide sales team.  Stock price target for this Microsemi Corp stock is $28. According to all street consensus, it is $26.

Semtech Corp

SemiTech Corp offers another best stocks to buy now in this second quarter.  The new release of the video component is being expected to reach the sky rocketing sales since it is going to provide a very high resolution video streaming. According to stock experts target, price of SMTC share is $41. According to wall street it is reduced to $38.

RF Micro Devices

Stocks of RF Micro Devices made the list of Wall street’s 24/7 in the past years. It has been found and sustained in the list of best stocks under $10 to buy for a long time. Best stock price target for this stock is $7. Price target of consensus  is around $6.50

Skyworks Solutions

It also makes up the best shares to buy in 2013. It’s a concern which manufactures and sells leading wireless products worldwide. Such as Broadcom Corp it also derives a major sales from the giants Apple Inc and Samsung. Stock price target of Skyworks Solutions stocks is $32. It’s consensus is measured as $30.

In the technology sector many new companies are waiting in queue to launch their next generation technology products in the market. So if you dint get started with your stock trading yet, it’s time to begin with. You can learn the stock market through stock market simulator without risking your hard earned money. Once you master the game learn how to buy stocks online and play in the real market.


How Stock Market Simulator Can Help In your learning Curve?

Generally investing in stock market is treated more or less equal to gambling. Anyhow people who are having a knowledge and experience in investment knows the exact difference that exists between investing and gambling. To be frank trading stocks is not all about just buying & selling stocks. How will you find the top stocks to invest in without any real world experience? let’s learn now.

In order to make a profit out of stock market trading you need to have a reliable stock market trading strategy.  It is the reason for why almost all investors invest their money in a stock market tool known as stock market simulator. Using these tools one can easily duplicate the stock market strategies, trends, hour differentiation of various stock market exchanges and so on. For beginners who want to learn about various stock market trends trading simulator is of course a best option for them.

Types of simulators

You can find 2 kinds of stock market simulators in the market . One is the  online financial stock market simulator and the other is called as fantasy stock market simulator. One important thing regarding these trading simulator is ‘ you don’t need to play with your hard earned money ‘ so there is no need to risk your lively hood.

Financial Simulators

This is one of the most reliable ways to get started with your stock market learning. It considers various stock market aspects. It is accomplished through trading from different portfolios which is based on the real stock market hours, actual stock market trade entries and various scenarios. Since these financial simulators processes and eventually downloads the real stock trading related information , it is designed such that it delays and sends the stock market information only at the end  of the trading day after the stock market hours gets over. This process keeps the unprincipled people from misusing this financial stock market simulator for their monetary gain.

Most of these online stock market simulators ensure that  their data is not been used before the beginning of the stock market day. These type of simulators are widely known for their strong security measures. These are considered as a very useful medium to all people who wish to learn the stock market trading strategies. It will also help the people to gain some experience in the real world stock market involving with the money.

Fantasy Trading Simulators

It facilitates people to gather some real trading experience by showing various random scenarios. Although it possess some of the features which belongs to the real stock market, stock market hours, stock market picks and stock trading tricks, the thing which differentiates this fantasy trading simulator from the financial trading simulator is , all stock market scenarios which are developed are completely hypothetical & imaginary. To say it in plain language, you will trade the stocks that can’t be traded in the real stock market world.  Here where you can learn about the top stocks to invest in the real  market.

For example stocks traded in the fantasy trading simulator includes success rate of certain movies in the box office, statistics regarding the spots teams, sport team rankings, celebrity behavior and so on. I hope you might have understood what the fantasy simulator means now. Even though these trading scenarios seem weird, it is one of the very good ways to step into the stock market and find out the top stocks to invest in the real world.  You can learn various operations and principles that are involved with the real world stock market. Both of these simulators can help any one to learn about the stock  market even without any prior knowledge. Since these simulators makes almost all people to feel comfortable with various stock trading strategies, people find this kind of stock market learning more easy and fun.